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Elpis Africa Care™ is a specialty health care company that markets mature prescription and non-prescription pharmaceutical products that make a meaningful difference in Sub-Saharan African’s patient lives. The Company’s growth strategy is to commercialize well characterized products through strategic partnerships and product acquisitions.

Branded generics

A Branded Generic is simply a drug that is bioequivalent to the original product, but is now marketed under another company’s brand name. These drugs have already faced the patent expiry of traditional pharmaceutical compounds. Our portfolio includes products that have been on the markets for decades on developed and on developing countries with a wealth of clinical data. Our business model is to acquire products or licenses from North American companies and distribute them in Africa. We are currently distributing 2 importants drugs in collaboration with a major Canadian pharmaceutical companies. These products are:
1. An antihypercholesterolemia (excess of cholesterol in blood), pms-ROSUVASTATIN
2. Anti-prostate cancer, pms-BICALUTAMIDE.

Consumers in Sub-Saharan Africa markets pay out-of-pocket for medicine and cannot afford the expensive brands. We provide quality standard and affordable medicines that meet Canadian Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to the growing economic middle-class leading to high demand on health care products. We rely on our local distribution alliances to seize the opportunity of acquiring market share.

Medical Devices

The company is also aiming to provide medical devices to improve the quality of consumers’ day to day lives. We are currently offering in Senegal and in Côte-d’Ivoire a Blood Glucose Monitor manufactured in Canada. The brand Name is GLUCO PLUS.

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