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We put to the upfront the Integrity, ingenuity, responsibility, empathy and respect as our corporate values.


The company is responsible to our customers, to our stakeholders, to our partners, to the overall communities we interact with, and to the people who rely on our products and services. IT IS IMPERATIVE TO RESPECT PROFESSIONAL ETHICS IN OUR INTERACTIONS WITH ALL SEGMENTS OF SOCIETY AND TO BE TRANSPARENT.


We recognize as a company that we face a huge challenge, one of the almost unsolved problems of our time: make accessible medicine and health care services in Africa which meet international standards at affordable prices. Nevertheless, we strive to identify the most critical needs of patients, consumers and customers in Africa. Through ingenuity, innovation, tenacity and with limited resources we challenge ourselves to meet those needs.


We act responsibly and think always to put our customer needs before any other consideration. Therefore, we are accountable to this end to our customers and to the participants within our company, such as our employees and our shareholders, as well as to the external participants including our suppliers and the communities where we work.


Health is the most valuable asset that any human being can ever have and when people seek our products and services, they rely on us to have relief and they can count on our empathy.


Our ability to provide an exceptional customer care depends on how we engage all our stakeholders to create an environment of mutual respect, encouragement and teamwork.